Happy Valentines Day

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Wish to all who celebrates this day especially to those non-muslim friends..respect each others tradition as this day only celebrates once in a year and already been following a decade ago or maybe for century...there's no way to stop it as it only celebrates by christian people or anyone thats believes it that called love.....be positive..and yeah some coklat for you all guys..hee..


Muslihah Mohd Razali said...

yeah, actually, there is a way to stop celebrating Valentine's Day.

For your information Rex, for the Muslim, celebrating Valentine's Day is haram.

It has many concrete reasons why celebrating it, is haram.

You could do some research about it. Try google, "hukum menyambut valentine's day".

This is a new information, so I hope, this new knowledge is good for you :)


gaararex said...

thx mus for the information about this valentines day to non-muslim people..and of course i just share this celebartion to non muslim friends only,no offends to my muslim friends..

midonz said...

As followers of Islam, we should not celebrate. But if we have Christian friends then we can say as an honor.
Anda free, meh jenguk tinta midonz pulak

gaararex said...

whoaa..what a positive comment u made midonz..thx..